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Telehealth counselling and coaching services for adults

Are you feeling down or depressed and not enjoying life like you used to? Are the pressures at work leaving you stressed or burnt out?

Would you like to do more with your life? Is this about building relationships, trying a different career or taking a leadership role at work or in your community?

Talking over the challenges with a qualified counsellor and coach will make all the difference. You will see how quickly things can change for the better.

Judith’s counselling and coaching sessions are tailored to you as an individual. From the very first session, the changes you decide to make will work for you.

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Dr Judith Chapman

Now, and throughout my career, I have helped people lead happier and healthier lives. Most people want to enjoy their hobbies and interests, form enduring relationships and feel valued as part of a community. As a counselling psychologist I step in and help clients remove obstacles getting in the way of these outcomes. I am also experienced in workplace psychology, having had roles as a career counsellor, leadership coach and advocate for fairer, safer and more family-friendly workplaces. Read more »


Counselling & Coaching

Offering individually tailored psychology services assisting clients in self-reflection, emotional regulation, reframing of problems, effective life planning and building social networks.
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Psychologist PhD MAPS

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