Dr Judith Chapman



Registered psychologist
AHPRA endorsed organisational psychologist
Member: Australian Psychological Society
Fellow: APS College of Organisational Psychologists
Member: APS Disaster Response Network


Motivational Interviewing
Neuropsychology of Anxiety and Depression

You will be curious to know more about me and the services I offer.

Now, and throughout my career, I have helped people lead happier and healthier lives. Most people want to enjoy their hobbies and interests, form enduring relationships and feel valued as part of a community. As a counselling psychologist I step in and help clients remove obstacles getting in the way of these outcomes. I am also experienced in workplace psychology, having had roles as a career counsellor, leadership coach and advocate for fairer, safer and more family-friendly workplaces.

People come to me with all sorts of problems. Perhaps they are feeling down or depressed. Work pressures might be burning them out or they have reached a fork in the road and are wondering which way to go in their career. They may want to lead but are unsure about stepping up. For many people anxiety is stopping them from doing ordinary things like giving a presentation or meeting new people. And now, of course, many are troubled by circumstances due to Covid, bushfires and other current events.

My clients generally fall into two groups. Some are doing just fine and are looking for ways to take their lives or careers to the next level. Others are also resourceful people who have managed their lives well for most of the time but have fallen into a bit of a hole. If you fit into the latter group, it probably goes like this. People around you assume you’re doing fine but you know different. A little voice in your head tells you to ‘just get over it’ or that you should be able to sort things out for yourself. But try as you might, it’s not working. You have lost perspective or have run out of ideas.

Talking to someone professionally qualified to discuss your unique situation and concerns is a sensible way to go. That someone should be a good sounding board. With their guidance you will reappraise your situation, try out new ideas or solutions, and receive advice on how to make the changes stick. You should expect to feel calmer, more optimistic and in control within a relatively short time.

If you choose me as your counsellor or coach, you will be speaking with a person highly qualified in their field. I have expert knowledge of human behaviour, what makes individuals unique and special, and how people change and grow. I am registered as a psychologist with APHRA, the government authority, and am qualified as an organisational psychologist. As my client you may be eligible for Medicare benefits.

As a member of the Australian Psychological Society I have obligations to meet certain professional expectations, including your privacy. To find out how this will work for you, please go to the Services page on this website.


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